Looking for an Open Water Swim Challenge?
An Alcatraz Swim? A Bridge-to-Bridge Swim?

San Francisco Water Taxi will help you get started and stay safe along the way!

Alcatraz Swim gets started 8/22/2020

Call us to arrange an Open Water Swim in San Francisco Bay.  We’ll help coordinate your group small or large with one or more of our SF Water Taxi Fleet.  Call 415-926-1116 or email: sfwatertaxi@yahoo.com 

We’ll work with you to coordinate a successful open water swim for you or your group.

Odyssey Open Water Swimming - Alcatraz Swim Route

Image Courtesy of Odyssey Open Water Swimming   http://odysseyopenwater.com


Safety protocols are enforced at all times.


The SF Water Taxi served as the ESCORT BOAT for this Odessey Open Water Swim.
Congratulations to the swimmers who took on the Bay for this challenging open water swim.  A nod to the kayak support team who served as support and encouragement for the swimmers.