Private Events

On most normal days the number of boats carrying passengers to Alcatraz, for a trip under the Golden Gate Bridge, and on the various ferries are plentiful.  The big difference between those boats and our Water Taxi private events is our size.  We don’t carry hundreds of people; we carry under 20.

What our guests get that others miss it the power of nature.  Our passengers, safely ensconced in our vessels, are close to the water.  Our Captains maneuver so that rocking is minimized in the wake of those behemoth cargo ships entering the bay.  When we dip into the Pier 39 Sea Lion eddy, sea lions are looking at you eye-to-eye.  Well, that’s if they aren’t sleeping.  Looking out one sees the waves when a wind kicks up; and our Captains cut across wakes for comfort.  One gets a different sense of the power of the elements riding in a smaller craft.  One family commented recently about a ‘sense of awe’ as they rode along the waterfront.

It is a special time for children, too.  Private events with younger teens and children often have time for the Captain to invite the youngsters to drive the boat.  Under the watchful eye of our Captains, the smile of joy as a child climbs up on the Captain’s Chair and takes the helm.  If conditions permit, they’ll have the young’ens turn the boat.

It’s one thing to sit at the helm; it is an entirely different experience to actually steer the boat.  Our Captains strive the make the event memorable for all.

Not all events are parties, we’ll work with you should the need to scatter ashes of a loved one.  Call 415-926-1114 to make arrangements.

Want to kick-off an office gathering with a bang?  Watch fireworks? Have a water picnic?   Watch a sunset?  Bring us your idea and we’ll work with you to add that special idea to fruition.  Email: