Our Hop-on Hop-off Taxi Service uses TWO main boarding locations and two ON-DEMAND or “Whistle Stop*” locations:

Main Boarding Spots

  • Pier 1.5  just West of the Ferry Building
  • Hyde Street Fishing Pier or Harbor  – Look for Sandwich Boards and/or signage to direct you to the boarding location.

“Whistle Stop”* Locations

  • Pier 15 – The Exploratorium is just steps away as the boarding dock is marked on the side of the main Exploratorium building.
  • Pier 39, East side of the main Pier 39 walkway and set back from the street, you will find boarding location.  There is a designated water taxi pickup dock area.

* Okay, we know, we aren’t able to hear you whistle to ‘flag’ us down, so lease use your cell phone. and call us  Most often, we’ll hook you up with the Captain so you can determine approximate time to your location.  415-926-1114 

For information about Ballpark Express Service, click here.

Captain’s Tip:  The Hyde Street Fishing Harbor is back from the Jefferson Street.  Enter in the alley between The Bay Store and Capurro’s Restaurant. Walk to the end of the alley where you’ll see the gate pictured on this page.
Call us to determine the timing of the next boarding.  Better yet, call in advance to get an opportunity to maximize your time at Fisherman’s Wharf and catch our Water Taxi.
Often our Duty Captain will leave business cards clipped to the yellow sign Water Taxi sign.  If you see one, call the Captain directly.   This approach works well from most boarding docks, if no answer, call our main number:  415-926-1114.