San Francisco Water Taxi Locations

Hop-On | Hop-Off Main Boarding Spots

  • Hyde Street Fishing Harbor

  • Pier 1.5

Hop-On | Hop-Off ‘Whistle Stops’*

  • The Exploratorium – Pier 15

  • Pier  39

*Okay, we know we won’t be able to hear you ‘whistle’ for us; Please use the modern version, your mobile phone.  Call 415-926-1114 or email (well in advance) if you know in advance to arrange timing.  We will accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Express Stops (By arrangement only)

  • Pier 40 – Daytime Baseball Games or Events at Oracle Park

  • Pier 52 – Daytime Games or Events at Chase Center

Captain’s Tip:  A few weeks ago ( February, 2020) we got a call for a Pier 15 (The Exploratorium) pickup.  The boat happened to be at Pier 15 that very moment.  (Yes, the caller was actually calling from inside The Exploratorium with his family)  Captain Stephanie was able to delay departure a few minutes to accommodate a family adventure.  The two young boys had a chance to sit at the helm!

So call ahead if you can or last minute if you must!

Email:           Call: 415-926-1114

Hyde Street Fishing Harbor Meet Captain here.
Pier 1.5