This hidden boarding point takes some adventure to find.  Not that it is hard to locate, it just doesn’t look like a place welcoming visitors.  In fact, during last year’s Fleet Week, it looked as if security was preventing access, in reality, they were keeping people looking for a vantage point from interfering with the busineess of an active harbor.
Yes, enter the alley between The Bay Store and Capurro’s Restaurant, walk to the gate shown in the photo on this page, and call us.  If you get that far, a business card of our duty captain may be clipped to the Yellow ‘WATER TAXI’ sign.  Call the Captain directlly to get the best estimate on the next pickup time.

Call Us for the Next Boarding Time !!


The Hyde Street Fishing Harbor is found at the end of the alley between The Bay Company and Capurro’s Restaurant.

Note the alley photo below the gate photo.  It’s a great idea to call 415-926-1114 as you start your Fisherman’s Wharf exploration.  Get an idea of when the Water Taxi will be at Hyde the Hyde Street dock.  Want time to explore, ask the Captain about a pickup an hour or two away.  The timing is subject to wide variance, but gives you a ballpark for planning your day.

Find us at the entry to the Hyde Street Fishing Harbor.

Time for an Ice Cream Sunday at Ghirardelli?

Want to take a boat ride and return in a few hours to catch a Cable Car back downtown?

Consider a walk to Pier 39 after lunch and have the Captain pick you up right at Gate B, next to the Aquarium by the Bay.  Options:

  1. Return to Hyde Street and catch a cable car back downtown, or
  2. Get the Water Taxi heading en route downtown, or,
  3. Catch a lift to Pier 15, The Exploratorium, or,
  4. Catch the Water Taxi and ride up to Hyde Street and say on board to return back downtown.

The options are only limited by your imagination!!

One thing for certain:  The San Francisco Water Taxi may be the discovery for you, your friends and family.

CALL 415-926-1114