Crew, MT Pichincha of Ecuador

An anchorage is a set place in the bay for ships to drop anchor and wait.  In San Francisco Bay, Anchorage 9 just South of the Bay Bridge.  Here ships may anchor for several reasons, typically they are waiting for a loading dock to off-load inbound cargo and pick-up outbound cargo.  Sometimes ships are at anchorage waiti,ng for instructions for the next cargo run.  Some ships are at Anchorage 9 to allow cargo to tranfer to barges or smaller vessels to deliver to more inland locations, like Stockton.  This multiple transfer process, called ‘lightering’ gets cargo up river where a large cargo or tanker ship cannot travel.  Ocassionally, Ship captains may wait for favorable tides.

Needless to say, if you are a crewmember of a ship that has been at sea for weeks, stepping ashore is a welcomed relief.   SAN FRANCISCO WATER TAXI is one way these crew members get to shore. Or, in some cases, bring supplies to particular crew members.

Email us in advance: to arrange for a ‘supply run’ to serve you.

Need a lift:  Once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, email or telephone: 415-926-1114

We’ll work with you to make your visit to the San Francisco Bay a pleasant one.

Some of the crew from the MT Pichincha from Ecuador with Captain Tanya:


January, 2020