Jump on board the San Francisco Water Taxi for a fun ride along the San Francisco Waterfront from the Pier 1.5 near the Ferry  Building to the Hyde Street Fishing Pier and back.  It’s fun for the whole family!

Our main route between Pier 1.5 and the Hyde Street Pier allows for ‘whistle stops’ at either The Exploratorium or Pier 39.  Use our Hop-on/Hop-off feature to do both:  Check out The Exploratorium then ‘flag us down’ for a lift to Pier 39 or the Hyde Street Fishing Pier near Ghirardelli Square, the Cable Car Turnabout or explore nearby Fisherman’s Wharf.

Why wait? Call 415-926-1114



Two Express stops are avaiable for daytime events at either Chase Center or Oracle Park.  Just over a block from Chase Center is Pier 52, and Pier 40 might be two blocks away from Oracle Park.

Coming with a group? Call and ask about arranging a special excursion.  Start at Pier 1.5 and add time for a trip to McCovey Cove, conditions permitting, before debarking at Pier 40.


Whether for a birthday celebration or family gathering, our boats are perfect for any celebration.  The 16-20 passenger size keeps the group small enough to all have a window and be able to hear one another.

Create your own San Francisco Waterfront Excursion and give us a call.  Let’s see what we can do to make your celebration wonderful.

Please allow enough advance notice so that we can help plan with you.  A ride around Treasure Island, Angel Island (currents permitting), Alcatraz, or maybe under the Golden Gate.  We eager to make the outing special for you, your co-workers or friends, or family members.


A long stretch working at sea makes stepping foot on land most enjoyable! Let us help get you ashore and back.  We understand the time restrictions and are willing to work with you and your crewmates to maximize the time onshore.

While advance notice is welcomed, we understand that tide and traffic make it difficult to schedule far in advance.



Note the route of the San Francisco Water Taxi starting from the Hyde Street Fishing Pier and proceeding further into the San Francisco Bay:

Hyde Street Fishing Pier
Pier 39 (Stop by Request only)
Pier 15 – The Exploratorium (Stop by Request only)
Pier 1.5
Pier 40 (Express Stop)
Pier 52 (Express Stop)


  • Hyde Street Fishing Pier [Regular Stop] Hop-off here to explore Ghirardelli Square, the Cable Car turnabout, Aquatic Park Cove, and the Hyde Street Pier with historical ships.

  • Pier 1.5 [Regular Stop] Near the Ferry Building toward Fisherman’s Wharf is a popular starting point for exploring the San Francisco Waterfront.

  • Pier 39 [Stop by Request]  Restaurants, shops, and the Famous gathering of Sea Lions are here.  A good spot to start exploring Fisherman’s Wharf while heading toward the Hyde Street Fishing Pier where you can board the San Francisco Water Taxi for a ride back downtown.

    ****   Call 415-926-1114 to find out the next boarding time nearest your location.   ****

Passsenger Minimum Applies

  • Pier 40 – Ballpark Stop [Express Stop – During the Baseball Season – day games only, travel to Pier 40 a short walk to Oracle Park. Ideal for those arriving at the Ferry Building and needing to get to the ballpark.  Avoid the long walk and save your feet for exploring the ballpark iteslf.

  • Pier 52 – Chase Center Daytime Events  [Express Stop]  Just a few blocks from Chase Center and the Mission Bay neighborhood, enjoy a ride along San Francisco’s waterfront to add to the adventure of your day’s outing.

Express Stops are by arrangement only & one-way rides. We’re flexible, so we’ll squeeze you in if a boat is available.