Captain’s Tips

Here are some tips from our Captains!

Tourists destinations and food areas are located near every stop of the Lil’ Taxi. Here are our secret breakdowns for our sailors like you!

Hyde St. Pier

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is located 0.2 miles from our Lil’ Taxi Hyde St. Pier location. Fisherman’s Wharf is the center of an ocean-orientated industry beloved by native San Franciscans and visitors alike. Today, as in the past, it is the fishing fleet that gives Fisherman’s Wharf its authenticity and activity.

Captain’s Secret Tip: Fisherman’s Wharf rests on land created from the rubble of buildings destroyed in the fire and earthquake of 1906. What could not be destroyed was the love of the sea, generations of fishing skills, and traditions expressed in good things to eat and drink (like the clam chowder)!

Directions from Taxi: Head south on Hyde Street towards Jefferson St., turn left on Jefferson St. and enter San Francisco’s beloved Fisherman’s Wharf!

Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square is located 0.2 miles from our Hyde St. Pier. Domingo Ghirardelli arrived in California during the Gold Rush and built a flourishing chocolate company that started in San Francisco. Try the delicious and famous chocolates of San Francisco!

Captain’s Secret Tip: Ghirardelli Chocolate is America’s oldest continuous chocolate maker.

Directions from Taxi: Head south on Hyde St. towards Jefferson St., turn right towards Beach St. and Ghirardelli Square will be noticeable!

Pier 39

Pier 39 is located directly at our Pier 39 docking point. It is the third most visited tourist attraction in the country. It offers an abundance of attractions, food, and shops. At Pier 39 you will find popular restaurants such as the HardRock Café and Bubba Gumps (inspired by Forest Gump the movie).

Captain’s Secret Tip: For a steal of a deal bay tour, take a ride on the Emerald Lady located at Gate C. This is a 30 minute ride for only $10 and gives you an up and personal view of Alcatraz, the sea lions, the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge! It’s one of the treasures of the Bay!

Directions from Taxi: Pier 39 is located as soon as you step off of our docks at Pier 39.

Coit Tower

Coit Tower is located 0.8 miles from Pier 39 on Telegraph Hill. Coit Tower has served as an emblem to the San Francisco skyline since its completion in 1933. Its observation deck gives a 360 degree view of the entire San Francisco area. The tower is named after Lillie Hitchcock Coit, a wealthy eccentric and patron of the city’s firefighters. It was built for both a tower and as a monument to Coit’s beloved volunteer firefighters.

Captain’s Secret Tip: Inside the tower are murals from 1934 that depict life in California due to the depression. Some of the more controversial pictures were painted over.

Directions from Taxi: From our Lil’ Taxi docking point, head east towards Beach Street/The Embarcadero and continue to follow on The Embarcadero. Take a slight right onto Sansome St. and then turn right onto Greenwich St. Walk up the stairs to see the beautiful view from Coit Tower!

Pier 1.5


Only 0.8 miles away from Pier 1.5 is the largest Chinatown in the world outside of Asia. Here you have the chance to experience new food, new culture, new traditions, herbal shops, hundreds of shopping stores, and beautiful and authentic Chinese music.

Captain’s Secret Tip: Look out for the books in the sky with the fallen words on the ground!

Directions from Taxi: Head southeast on The Embarcadero toward Washington Street, turn right on Washington St., turn left on Spofford St., and finally turn right on Clay St. You will officially be walking around in Chinatown at this point!

The New Exploratorium

Only 0.3 miles from our Pier 1.5 Lil’ Taxi stop is The New Exploratorium famous for its approach to teach science through hands-on exhibits. The Exploritorium’s operational hours are 10am-5pm weekdays except Monday. Tickets are $25 for adults (18-64) and $19 for children (6-17).

Captain’s Secret Tips: For adults, if you go there early in the morning you will most likely miss the rush of children and do not have to stand in line to play with the exhibits yourself!

Directions from Taxi: From our Pier 1.5 Lil’ Taxi Stop head northeast on The Embarcadero and The New Exploratorium will be on the right!

Levi’s Plaza Park

Located 0.6 miles from our Pier 1.5 Lil’ Taxi Stop is Levi’s Plaza Park. This is a small corporate park across from Levi & Strauss corporate headquarters.

Captain’s Secret Tip: In the main lobby is a visitor center featuring the history of Levi’s original blue jeans.

Directions from Taxi: Head Northwest on The Embarcadero, turn left on Green St., turn right on The Embarcadero, and turn left on Filbert Street (take the stairs). Stay on Filbert Street and Levi’s Plaza Park will be on the right!

Farmer’s Market Plaza

Located 0.3 miles from our Pier 1.5 Lil’ Taxi Stop is the Ferry Plaza’s Farmer Market. The Ferry Plaza’s Farmer Market runs Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and often attracts thousands.

Captain’s Secret Tip: It is the biggest and most expensive farmers market in the world.

Directions from Taxi: Head southeast on The Embarcadero towards Washington St. Arrive at Ferry Plaza’s Farmer Market!

Pier 40

City Kayak

Located on the same dock as our Lil’ Taxi is City Kayak! Kayaks can be rented out from a van and it creates an exciting beginner/intermediate kayak trip to McCovey Cove behind AT&T Park.

Captain’s Secret Tip: Service is sporadic.

Directions from Taxi: Lil’ Taxi Pier 40 stop shares the same docking point as City Kayak. If they are in service that day, you will see them as soon as you exit the Lil’ Taxi.

Delancey Street Restaurant & Crossroads Café

Located 0.2 miles from our Pier 40 Lil’ Taxi Stop and with only a four minute walk is Delancey Street Restaurant and Crosswords Café. Delancey Street Restaurant has a nice outdoor patio with a large indoor dining area. Behind it is Crosswords Café, a well priced coffee shop with good homemade food.

Captain’s Secret Tip: Both of these restaurants are a part of the nation’s biggest, best, self-supporting, self-help organization for assisting ex-convicts, drug abusers, and others in need of serious help but no place to go. Here they acquire the attitude and training needed to live a decent and proactive life. Delancey street is an impressive effort.

Directions from Taxi: Head west and turn right onto Townsend St., turn right onto the Embarcadero, turn left towards Delancey Street, continue on Delancey St. Arrive at Delancey Street Restaurant and Crosswords Café.

AT&T Park

Located 0.2 miles away from our Pier 40 Lil’ Taxi Stop is AT&T Park. AT&T is home to The San Francisco Giants who are eight time World Series Winners. See McCovey where Barry Bonds hit thirty-five home runs that “splashed” into the water.

Captain’s Secret Tip: If a game is playing, you can watch it for free behind the right field. Better yet, if a game is playing buy a ticket and watch baseball in one of the most sensational ball parks in the world! On off days when there are no games being played, you can often still get inside of the stadium with a behind the scene tour or the free SF Giants play area for kids.

Directions from Taxi: After exiting our Pier 40 docking point, head west and turn right on King St./The Embarcadero. Then turn left onto King St./The Embarcadero and continue to follow King Street. Arrive at AT&T Park!

Mission Creek Park

Located a few miles away from AT&T Park and 2.0 miles away from our Pier 1.5 Lil’ Taxi Stop is Mission Creek Park, a beautiful walk and view.

Captain’s Secret Tip: Located in Mission Creek Park is a Philz Coffee Shop that you can sit down for a coffee and rest or enjoy the view!

Directions from Taxi: After exiting our Pier 40 docking point, head west and turn right towards King Street/The Embarcadero. Then turn left on King Street/The Embarcadero and continue on King Street. Turn left onto 3rd Street and then right on Berry St. Arrive at Mission Creek Park.